The aubergines of both banks: the Nadia Sammut recipe .

The chef composes his dishes “starting from the fade, then coming to put memories on it”. Like this eggplant “memory of Istanbul”, where the blandness of a miso muslin gives life to the subtle flavors of here and elsewhere.

  • Ingrédients for 4 people

-200 whole almonds
-2 g of lactic ferments (or natural probiotic)
-2 round white eggplants
-2 long violet eggplants
-1 C. to c. miso paste (soy or chickpea)
-Extra virgin olive oil
-1 ginger nut
-100 g squash seeds
-1 potato type bintje
-Camargue salt flower
-20 g brine capers
-30 g pistachios from Sicily
-1 small cone
-20 g of smyrna grapes rehydrated in lukewarm water
-Some sprouts of mint and purslane, sumac

Step 1: preparing the almond curd

Two days in advance, prepare the almond curd: put the almonds to soak one night. The next day, drain and discard the soaking water, remove the skin from the almonds (it will come off all by itself), then pass the almonds in the blender with half a glass of water to obtain a creamy texture. Add the lactic ferments, cover and let ferment for 6 hours at 40 ° C, then reserve cool.

Step 2: preparing the vegetables

Prick the eggplant with a fork and bake at 180 ° C until the heart is melting (about 20 min). Put the potato to bake at the same time. Cook the purple aubergines directly on a flame (to obtain a small smoked taste), burning all the faces. Extract the flesh and crush it in caviar, with a grated ginger nut, a pinch of fleur de sel and a drizzle of olive oil.

Step 3: Miso sauce, pumpkin pesto and muslin

Miso sauce: put the miso paste in olive oil (about 4 tbsp) until you get a creamy texture.

Pumpkin Pesto: roast the squash seeds in the skillet, then crush them with a pestle of olive oil and a pinch of fleur de sel.

Muslin: remove the skin from the cooked potato and pass the meat to the potato masher. Add the almond curd, mix everything in a saucepan over low heat (not exceeding 90 ° C). Put this preparation in a siphon or emulsify it.

Mix together the capers and pistachios to make a cream.

Step 3: Dressage

Add the squash pesto topped with aubergine caviar and chopped corne. Arrange some raisins, sliced ​​white eggplant, miso sauce, caper pistachio cream and a nice spoonful of potato muslin sprinkled with sumac. Sprinkle with some leaves or tops of fresh mint and purslane.

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