Salty or sweet pancake dough

Do not confuse pancakes (here it is), made with wheat flour, and Breton pancakes, cooked with buckwheat flour. Now that’s it, you can throw yourself, almost in your pockets, into this easy pancake recipe. It works as a recipe for savory pancakes as for sweet, and it will welcome all the fillings and satisfy small as well as big appetites.



For a dozen salty or sweet crepes:
-250g of flour
-25 cl of milk
-25 cl of beer
-3 medium eggs
-1 C. oil soup
-1 pinch of salt


Sift the flour in a bowl, salt, make a well, break up the whole eggs, then mix with a whisk to get rid of lumps. Then add the milk (warm if it was in the fridge) and then the beer (at room temperature) by pouring in a net while whisking. As soon as you get a homogeneous and relatively liquid paste, cover and let stand for 1 hour at room temperature.

To cook your pancakes, heat a skillet or nonstick crepe pan, previously oiled with a paper towel. When the pancake pan is hot, pour a ladle of dough, tilt the pancake pan up, down and sides to make it into a disk (or use a pancake rake), then cook 1 to 2 minutes. , until the visible surface is dry.

Then turn the pancake with one or two spatula (s), and continue cooking a few tens of seconds. Slide the pancake on a plate, and repeat the operation with a new ladle of dough until the bowl is empty. Stack pan-fried pancakes on top of each other and cover with a second plate to keep them warm before tasting.

For salty pancakes, garnish them with ham, cheese, mushrooms or spinach and sausage. For dessert, serve the pancakes with various jams, powdered sugar, chocolate, honey or chestnut cream. And flavor the dough as you like (with rum or vanilla sugar side sugar, with herbs or salt side spices).

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