Oysters Plate, seaweed and sea urchins: Hugo Roellinger’s iodine recipe.

The Breton chef sums up his marine terroir in a dish that combines different shades of iodine: those very lively wild oyster, those plants seaweed and slightly sweet sea urchins.

  • Ingredients for 4 persons

1 small handful of sea lettuce Royal kombu, dried dulse and/or nori
1 liter of spring water
Seafood (depending on the season):
2 abalone
4 wild oysters
2 sea urchins
4 clams
Herbs of the seaside: salicorne, aster, obione …
Breton Whiskey 100% rye
Indian black pepper Karimundi
Cider vinegar

-Step 1: the preparation of the marine water

Two days in advance, prepare the seawater by immersing the algae in 1 liter of spring water, put in the refrigerator 48 hours.

-Step 2: the seafood preparation

Cook the whole abalone in ⅓ of this marine water for 45 minutes with small broths, then let them cool completely in the cooking water. Peel and cut into thin slices. Open the oysters and clams, sprinkle with a dash of cider vinegar. Gently take off the sea urchin tongues.

-Step 3: Dressage

In each plate, pour a few drops of whiskey, then drop an oyster, a clam, a few slivers of abalone, two tongues of sea urchin. Add a teaspoon of oyster water slightly vinegared, a teaspoon of abalone cooking water. Pepper well. Hide under the rehydrated seaweed and garnish with some herbs from the sea. Pour the cold seawater over, like a rising tide!

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