Pancake batter without milk

Savoring good pancakes without having to count calories is possible with this recipe for pancake batter without milk!



-400 ml of water
-250g of flour
-3 eggs
-3 c. tablespoon caster sugar
-1 sachet of vanilla sugar
-2 tbsp. vegetable oil
-1 C. coffee extract of orange blossom


In a bowl, whisk the flour, powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, and yeast. Dig a fountain in the middle and put in the eggs, salt and oil.

Beat the whole thing, then beat with the whisk before incorporating the water as you whip energetically. Once the dough is liquid and lumps free, pour the orange blossom extract. Unlike the traditional recipe with milk, there is no need to let the dough rest, you can start cooking immediately.

Preheat your stove or crepe maker at a good temperature for a few seconds and grease it generously, with a cotton disc soaked in oil or butter, so that the pancakes do not adhere during cooking. If you use a pan or nonstick pan, you will not need to repeat the process between each pancake.

Take a ladle of dough, pour it completely and spread it over the entire surface using a soft pancake rake or spatula and so on, until it is left more.

Arrange pancakes on a flat plate, stacking them on top of each other and cover them with a sheet of aluminum foil to keep them warm.

  • TIPS

This recipe can also be made with a mixer robot in which it will be necessary to pour all the ingredients before launching with full power.

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