Mushrooms with cream

Appreciated all year long, Paris mushrooms with cream are a delight of creaminess and authenticity. The lightness of the mushrooms is balanced with the delicacy of the crème fraîche, while the persillade brings all its strength and its pep to this dish very easy and quick to realize. A simple and effective way to taste and sublimate our favorite wild mushrooms!



-1 kg of Paris mushrooms
-5 cloves of garlic
-1/2 bunch of parsley
-1 jar of fresh cream
-fresh chives
-1 C. oil soup
-salt pepper


Wash and dry (or brush gently) the mushrooms. Cut them into strips. Heat a little oil in a pan and reduce the mushrooms on low heat.

Meanwhile, peel the cloves of garlic and slice them finely. Put them in a bowl. Wash the parsley, wring it out and detach the leaves (discard the stems). Chop them finely and mix them with the chopped garlic in the bowl.

When the white mushrooms have reduced and are cooked (they are a little dry), add the parsley (from the bowl) out of the heat and mix. Finally, add the cream, salt, pepper, and stir. Add the chives washed and chopped. Resume cooking to warm the cream.

  • TIPS

To change Paris mushrooms, if you prefer to go pick your mushrooms rather than buy other cultivated (this is the case of mushrooms that do not grow or only very rarely in the wild but are grown in mushrooms), you can also make this recipe with other varieties of edible mushrooms such as ceps or boletus mushrooms. Then proceed in the same way, adapting however the size of the slats. It will be just as tasty, and always so unctuous!

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