Gourmet breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So no question of stalling, for lack of time, or swallow everything and anything, without having fun and treat your taste buds. No, for an express but gourmet breakfast, quickly discover the 15 sweet recipes that Cuisine AZ shares with you in this issue.

Small and big greedy can not resist all these recipes … Do you like brioche in the mornings? Enjoy our chocolate chip brioche, yogurt brioche croissants, easy buns or simple sugar donuts. Do you prefer swallowing sweet biscuits? Gently bake our two chocolate cookies, our classic vanilla madeleines, our white chocolate raspberry muffins or our oatmeal and milk chocolate cereal bars. And if you (or your little tribe) crave more pancakes, waffles, and pancakes with spreads or fruit jams, be sure to check out our more regressive, gourmet recipes of salted butter caramel pancakes or waffles. fast banana with chocolate-hazelnut sauce. You will crunch with pleasure, that’s for sure!

To read this editorial, you lick your lips in advance but fear to spend too much time in cooking to concoct all these recipes for breakfast? Do not worry, we made sure they are easy and quick to prepare. In less than ten minutes for some or twenty minutes max for others, you will not break your head in the kitchen, be reassured (e)! So go for it and make breakfast THE most appreciated meal of all at home!

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