Easy mixed salad

Looking for a healthy and light recipe to make you happy at lunch or dinner? Here is an easy and fast salad mix, perfect for any occasion. This salad consists of tomatoes, eggs, ham, salad, and olives. A delicious marriage of flavors that will allow you to feast while paying attention to your line. A recipe to try without further delay!


-1 lettuce
-100 g of Emmental
-10 cherry tomatoes
-2 tomatoes
-4 eggs
-4 slices of white ham
-10 black olives
-herbs of Provence
-salt pepper


Wash the lettuce, wring it out and put it in a salad bowl. Book.

Cook the boiled eggs. Cool them and then chop them. Cut them in half and add them to the bowl.

Cut the cheese and ham slices into cubes. Pour everything into the salad bowl. Cut the olives into slices, the cherry tomatoes in half and place everything in the bowl.

Season with salt and pepper, add herbs of Provence and vinaigrette to your liking. Mix well and taste well fresh.


This mixed salad can decline with many ingredients of your choice. You can replace black olives with green olives or pickles. The ham can be replaced by surimi sticks cut into pieces. You can also add to the preparation 1 avocado diced. That’s enough to treat you all year long!

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