Donuts Spread recipe

Star of Mardi Gras, the sweet donut is also a must snack! Moist, it can be enjoyed with sugar or with jams, honey or spread. Here is our recipe for homemade donut dough, ultra-easy and very fast to make for sweet donuts but also salty which you will make a mouthful!



-250g of flour
-50 g of sugar
-12.5 cl of milk
-2 eggs
-½ sachet of baking powder
-1 sachet of vanilla sugar
-1 liter of cooking oil


To prepare the dough (the “donut appliance”), start by whipping the eggs, salt, caster sugar, and vanilla sugar in a bowl. Then add the milk (warmed if it is not at room temperature), then gradually and vigorously incorporate the flour and the baking powder, so as to avoid the formation of lumps.

Then cover your salad bowl with a clean cloth and let your donut dough swell for about 30 minutes. Once your dough is well-rested and inflated, knead it lightly to remove the gas created by the yeast, then spread it on a floured work surface.

While you heat your frying oil in a fryer or pot, form donuts the size and shape you want (either rolling in your hands or using a cookie cutter).

For cooking, dip the donuts in the frying with two spoons, let them brown well and rise to the surface, then recover them with a skimmer and drain them on paper towels. Decorate your donuts by sprinkling them with icing sugar, or make chocolate donuts by topping them with chocolate spread or topping them with chocolate sauce.

  • TIPS

You can use this recipe for salty donuts. To do this, simply do not put sugar in your preparation, and season to your liking with salt and pepper, spices, herbs, and why not a little grated cheese. To make a donut shape, make the first circle with a large cookie cutter, then with a smaller cookie cutter, remove a small circle of dough in the center of the donut.

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