Detox water lemon and peppermint

Do you feel tired? heavy? especially after a hearty meal. Discover the detox water lemon and peppermint. You will again feel light and healthy. Diet and refreshing, this draining cocktail with a fruity water taste will allow you to eliminate all the toxins present in your body to find your line. You need two lemons, water, and peppermint and that’s it!


2 lemons
1 bouquet of peppermint
500 ml of water


Wash the lemons. On a cutting board, cut the lemons into slices, keeping the skin. Then remove the seeds and reserve. Wash peppermint and detach the leaves.

Take a Mason Jar jar to infuse your detox water. Place the slices of lemon and peppermint in the jar. Pour in the water and stir lightly with a mixing stick (used for cocktails). Place your detox water in a cool place for at least 1 hour to let it steep and become fruity.

Take out your infused water from the fridge and enjoy it with a straw from the jar. Drink your fruity water within two days to avoid losing the vitamins present in it.

  • TIPS

Make this detox drink every day for one to two weeks as it acts as an effective fat burn especially during a slimming diet. Vary the pleasures by adding other fruits and vegetables to your detox water drink.

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