Butter sauce with Thermomix

Looking for a sauce recipe to accompany your fish? This white butter sauce made with your food processor will be perfect. Butter, shallots, white wine, cream, fish stock and go for the preparation of your recipe at Thermomix.


70 g of butter
50 g shallots
100 ml dry white wine
120 ml whole liquid cream
1 C. fish stock
salt pepper


Peel the shallots and put them in the bowl of the robot. Mix 5 seconds speed 5. Add 20 g butter then program 3 min at 80 ° C speed 1.

Then add the white wine, salt, and pepper and cook for 8 min in Varoma Speed ​​1 function.

Add the cream and the fish stock and then program for 4 minutes at 80 ° C on speed 1.

Add the remaining 50 g butter and mix 15 seconds speed 8. Serve immediately.

  • TIPS

This sauce will perfectly accompany your grilled or steamed fish. The sauce does not keep, consume it quickly. Quickly concoct other sauces at Thermomix, consulting our dedicated universe!

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