Recipes Ramadan 2017: ideas for Ftour and meals

Recipes Ramadan 2017: ideas for Ftour and meals

Recipes Ramadan 2017: ideas for Ftour and meals
Recipes Ramadan 2017: ideas for Ftour and meals

More than a few days before the start of Ramadan for 2017 and this year, I decided to anticipate it as much as possible by updating my list of Ramadan recipes!
After the ups and downs of the previous years where we moved in Ramadan in a flat without kitchen, I decided to organize my kitchen of Ramadan by planning a recipe to fill it with my ideas recipes for food and meals Of Ramadan!

How to eat for Ramadan: easy and fast recipes

The Ramadan hard 30 days. To help you organize yourself in the kitchen, I have prepared a typical schedule, which you can download and print. It is nothing extraordinary, but it has the merit of being super practical. And even to help you fill it out, you can pick from the list of recipe ideas below, with recipes from Moroccan and traditional cooking or more current cooking recipes. To help you can pin it on your fridge next to the Ramadan calendar that will tell you what time to eat or what time to stop eating

Anyway, this list of recipes in images respects the season of ramadan of this year by proposing recipes of summer ramdan.

You have to know that in our multi-cultural family, we mix our meals. And even if I do not accompany my husband in his daily fasting, to invest myself to prepare recipes for Ramadan is for me a way to share with him these moments there.

What to eat: more than 100 recipes for Ramadan 2017

This list of recipes will continue to grow during Ramadan! Small pads will signal them, do not hesitate to consult it regularly or to subscribe to be warned of the new publications of the blog 🙂

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